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Leading EdgeTeams has an unparalleled track record of helping business leaders achieve sustainable potential through TEAM-DRIVEN GROWTH…

Leading Edge Teams meets you right where you are! Nothing surprises us as we guide business leaders on a journey to discover how to efficiently function in their roles, while simultaneously helping teams align to meet goals that consistently produce strong business results.

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About Leading Edge Teams - Annie Hyman Pratt delivering a training on ipad

Our framework provides a COMPLETE, INTEGRATED SYSTEM for defining company goals to create a culture that achieves the highest performance potential. As  business leaders learn our process for best practices, they achieve their best work and show up as their best selves—contributing together to fill every possible gap in the business.








A diversity of business and leadership consulting and coaching has taught us—people are the problem and people are the solution. People are a company’s greatest asset, yet humans are not naturally wired to always be in conscious control of their behavior, hence working together can get messy, frustrating and confusing. Some behaviors are life-long habits, and often not not recognized as self-limiting or a root problem in work relationships and in a person’s overall effectiveness in their role. The exciting aspect of our coaching program is the professional and personal growth people realize as they gain self-awareness. Each person on the team is an IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTOR to a company’s success, and as they learn more about themselves and each other, they are better able to utilize their individual strengths.

The “people part” of our coaching is unique, and is the business education most companies never had. It is vital to value the company product and the people who make it all run!

As we work with business leaders, we teach “behavioral habits” that demonstrate GROWTH in self-leadership and decision making, communication, agreements, and much more, all within the scope of individual roles. Our ongoing goal is to see all team members take EFFECTIVE ACTION towards successful outcomes in all facets of the business—this assures a consistently “high performance culture.”


Nothing stands still and change is constant, so these elements of our program stand strong to provide the structures, systems and processes that ORGANIZE how business leaders think about and do the work within the business. The structures we teach, DEVELOP AND SUPPORT strategic plans and vision allowing team-driven growth. These proven methods provide the foundational infrastructure that allows team members to focus on ACHIEVING OUTCOMES instead of getting distracted by ineffective meetings, chaos and endless re-inventing of the wheel.

Effective business teams need a mindset that seeks to learn, change, and grow. It is a shift for many to move away from being self-focused to self-leadership; this mindset continually recognizes the desired business outcome is the focal point, not the individual person or their role.

A person’s business mindset recognizes and accepts how each change or dip in the road brings them closer to the end goal even though the path wasn’t a straight line. This mindset shifts individual responsibility to TEAM responsibility creating the CONDITIONS and SUPPORT needed to achieve the desired company outcomes.


My team and I have worked very closely with Annie… and the results have been EXTRAORDINARY. We’re getting a lot more done… and it’s happening more smoothly. We’re all working together much better, more efficiently, and we’re having a lot more fun. And by the way, we’ve had serious growth in the business (in sales and profits). Simply put… my team and I are big fans of Annie and Leading Edge Teams.
Jeff Walker
NYT Best Selling Author of “Launch”
Annie Hyman Pratt, Executive Consultant, CEO & Founder of Leading Edge Teams, Author & Speaker, The People Part

Annie Hyman Pratt

CEO | Founder | Executive Consultant | Author The People Part
Barbara Schindler, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurial Consultant, COO of Leading Edge Teams

Barbara Schindler

Executive Coach | Entrepreneurial Consultant | COO
Heather McGonigal, Executive Coach, Program Director at Leading Edge Teams

Heather McGonigal

Executive Coach | Leadership Trainer | Program Director

“Agreements are your main mechanism for working together. Everyone involved needs the FREEDOM and SAFETY to make agreements they are confident they can keep.” 

The Power of Agreements: Cartoon: So… aren’t you going to hop on one foot while giving your presentation today? — To be honest, I was hoping yo’d forget you asked me to do that. Leading Edge Teams - Team-Driven Growth
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Barbara Schindler

Executive Coach | Entrepreneurial Consultant | COO

Barbara Schindler has been an integral member of the Leading Edge Team since 2013 and has worked closely with Annie since the start of the business.

As lead Executive Coach and Consultant, Barbara fully supports clients as they integrate all they learn, bringing it into their roles, their teams, and the company.

Barbara has expertise helping others embrace self-leadership and emotional endurance, as they step up to the next level. She delights in seeing others fully experience their own unique leadership gifts.

Her superb executive coaching helps facilitate transformation, by increasing the Leaders’ awareness of patterns that are holding them back and revealing opportunities to shift into a space that brings forward greater clarity and success.

Barbara has a background in start-up entrepreneurial businesses. She has worked in healthcare, real estate, education, and business. As the COO, she applies her experience to help grow the company, build a united team and shape the future of LET.

Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Behavior and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College, as well as a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Heather McGonigal

Executive Coach | Leadership Trainer | Program Director

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer at Leading Edge Teams, Heather enjoys developing leaders to do their very best work while finding fulfillment and achieving the big outcomes their CEOs and teams are driving towards.

Heather is always willing to support leaders in any way she can, regularly going above and beyond – as is the standard at Leading Edge Teams.

As Program Director she takes great pride in the many facets of the ‘A+’ Leader Development program and is grateful to play an integral role in the program’s content and delivery. Heather believes that behavior really does make all the difference and is thrilled to work with Leading Edge Teams to spread that message.

Heather received her BA from Fordham University’s College at Lincoln Center at NYC. She later attended the University of Santa Monica, graduating with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology.