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There is a big shift happening in business today. The old model of top down authority does not work. It’s an antiquated approach that cripples team performance and business growth.

The best leaders account for the fact that we are humans together doing business, not robots. Our basic needs and feelings are universal. Connecting to the humanity in one another gives us greater understanding. It is imperative that you engage compassion from the upper triangle of Self-Leadership in connection with yourself and others.

Commit to yourself and complete this 30-day journal.
The change starts with you!

This journal will teach you some key mindset shifts and support you in changing habits to improve your leadership. As you practice these leadership skills, you will see the positive impact you are creating. You will be inspired to keep growing and changing.

This is Leadership!

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“My team and I are BIG FANS of Annie!”
Jeff Walker

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Launch

“Working with Leading Edge Teams has really given me scripts and core skills to be able to work with my CEO so that we stay in sync; that we are leading in the same direction in our teams. We work with so many great people, but that doesn’t stop challenging situations from happening and having to have difficult conversations; whether it’s with a team member, or a vendor, or your peers. The things that I’ve learned here have really given me the confidence to navigate those in a compassionate way that also gets results.”

Andrea Almarez,

Vice President, The Invisible Close

“My biggest win from my learnings with Leading Edge Teams is my ability to see all the pieces in my department, as well as the company overall, look at those spots of opportunity for growth, work with the individual team members, and really present a forward thinking plan. A big piece of that is operating from a level of higher self and removing any kind of defensiveness or reactiveness in decision making.”

Steven Gomez

CTO, Bright Line Eating

“I’m a sports guy, and so I always think of things through that lens. I think when I started working with Annie I was acting as more of a one man band trying to persuade and push my team, and through working with her for the past few years I feel like we are a well-oiled machine. One of the biggest shifts that we’ve gotten from working with Annie has been me not having to feel like I have to manage people anymore. Our leaders have turned into leaders who are managing their own teams, and I just rest assured that we’re moving towards our goals, because they are every bit as capable as I am now.

Michael Cazayoux

CEO, Working Against Gravity

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