Business Cultures Thrive on Appreciation

Do you desire a productive team that's engaged, shows up enthusiastic, and challenges itself? Of course you do. We want it for you, too. The way to get this from your team might be simpler than you think.

We know the ideal scenario for every entrepreneur and business owner is to have a team of people who show up every day and give it their best. When you have skilled, committed people that go the extra mile, right beside you, to get the goals accomplished, it is a really great gift. Honestly, we feel happy and relieved when we think about the people supporting us on our Leading Edge Team. Knowing we have their support melts away frustration and overwhelm.  

Business Cultures Thrive on Appreciation - Leading Edge Teams 

Do this!

When you put genuine appreciation of people into words and actions, these help to build companies into a “number one” culture. Showing that you respect and value individuals makes a huge impact!     

Since we’re writing this in December, we imagine you as already content if a skilled and productive team is the gift you already have within your company. If not, perhaps appreciation is the key to receiving this gift during the holiday season. 

Also, it’s important to remember that anyone, at any level, can appreciate others. Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Who first comes to mind that you would like to offer your appreciation to? It’s free, so go ahead and just do it.   

Honestly, when you can look forward to working with an aligned team and engaged people now and in the coming new year, you are very grateful, right? And even better is when a team of people are excited about their jobs and feel their individual contributions to the business make a big difference. That’s a motivating culture for any person to work in, day-in and day-out. Who doesn’t want that? 

All this to say,

have you thought about spreading more holiday cheer by expressing appreciation to individuals on your team? Personal acknowledgment is the key. It goes a long way. If you generally thank everybody, just know that it’s not the same. 

And don’t assume your team knows how you feel about their individual work and the contribution they make to specific projects and goals. They need you to tell them. 

I love what we teach in our training and programs about the importance of appreciation. It is powerful! We have a little formula that helps you. As a business leader, realize the benefit of being more intentional in how you appreciate individual people on your team. 

I know your days are busy, but for those who are parents, remember how you're told you don't have to acknowledge everything, but take one really good thing and tell a son or daughter very specifically what they did that you liked. With a team of people, it’s similar. 

Think about the action or attitude a person put forth that had a positive impact on you or the company today, due to what they said or did? Make it really specific about the positive impact individual team members have. This goes a long way to helping a person feel seen and valued for their contribution. 

Here’s our little formula.

Effective appreciation is as simple as this:

  1. Explicitly acknowledge what the person did (their efforts and actions).
  2. Relate the positive impact they had, describing the results they helped achieve.
  3. Describe the difference they made to the company, the team, whatever it is… 
  4. Tell them about how what they did made you feel.
  5. Say, “Thank you!”  

And not only does this lift a person’s spirits in the moment, but it also goes a long way to helping them to feel great about being a part of your team in the future. Culture is a big buzzword, and for sure, people want a positive culture.So don’t discount the importance of  expressing appreciation to achieve the environment you want. It is your number one culture builder! 

So, go ahead,

spread some holiday cheer through appreciation in this season and beyond; it’s the  message our team wants to give you. No matter your position in the organization, the stage of your entrepreneurial business, (even if it's only you and one other person), it is very powerful to reflect and take the time to acknowledge and appreciate each other. It helps you to expect and see the good. That gives you a big boost, too.

Lastly, appreciative gestures give others good feelings about what you’ve all gone through and accomplished together during the year. Appreciation also sets you up for the excitement of what else is possible in the year ahead. 

Our best wishes to you and for your business in 2024!

Thank you. We appreciate you for being part of our audience.  

Barbara and Heather
Leading Edge Teams

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