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Welcome to the CCORE Leader Collective, your launchpad for leadership excellence. This dynamic program provides actionable leadership training curated exclusively for high-performing business leaders and team members like you.

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The Leadership Training You Do Not Get In Your Job!

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Discover Your Potential to Transform Yourself and Your Team

Leading a business or team can be an isolating journey. The burden falls on your shoulders alone. But what if you had a guide to unlock your inner strengths and master the skills to bring out the best in those around you? What if you had the support to ignite your potential and propel your skills to new heights.

The CCORE Leader Collective is designed to power up your leadership capabilities for any challenge, arming you with strategies to thrive in today’s fast-changing business landscape. But true mastery means looking beyond skills to mindset. We’ll broaden your perspective, embrace imperfect progress, and unlock the leader you were meant to be.

Step forward with courage. This is your time to unleash your inner leader.  

What IF you could lead with your whole self - with both courage and compassion?

What IF you could turn challenges into catalysts for growth?


Annie Hyman Pratt, Executive Consultant, CEO & Founder of Leading Edge Teams, Author & Speaker, The People Part

Annie Hyman Pratt

CEO | Founder | Executive Consultant

Heather McGonigal, Executive Coach, Program Director at Leading Edge Teams

Heather McGonigal
Executive Coach | Leadership Trainer | Program Director

Barbara Schindler, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurial Consultant, COO of Leading Edge Teams

Barbara Schindler
Executive Coach | Entrepreneurial Consultant | COO

A Warm Welcome From Our Leadership Team

Not everyone is wired for the transformative journey of growth and self-discovery, but you are. A hearty welcome to engaged, proactive, and dedicated individuals who see leadership excellence as an ongoing adventure.

As seasoned leaders, we intimately understand the challenges and triumphs of leadership. Unlocking your true potential involves mastering inner skills and cultivating outer capabilities—a truth we're eager to share with individuals like you.

Picture us as your steadfast anchors in the storm of professional challenges, guiding you with resilience. Envision us as mirrors, reflecting newfound awareness for authentic leadership.

This isn't just a program; it's a dynamic community of engaged, proactive leaders committed to continuous growth. Your commitment is the catalyst for transformative change in yourself and those around you.

We're excited and grateful to be your companions on this journey toward your fullest potential. The road ahead won't always be easy, but it will undoubtedly be worth it! Throughout every twist and turn, remember, we're here for you. Keep your heart open and stay curious!

Now is your moment to step into the spotlight and let your brilliance shine. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, you'll discover your inner strengths and witness the incredible impact your gifts can have. Consider us your constant reminder that, by honing your leadership skills, you're poised to amplify positive change.

Let's embark on this journey together! The exciting path to your remarkable future begins now!

Why the CCORE Leader Collective is for you...

The CCORE Leader Collective helps you unite compassion and capability to become the inspirational leader you are meant to be.

Through interactive sessions with leading edge coaches, you'll:

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence and self-awareness to lead with empathy and heart.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities to empower your team to own their contributions.
  • Master delegation and cross-functional communication for seamless collaboration.
  • Design productive meetings that tap into shared wisdom and diverse perspectives.
  • Navigate change and challenge with agility, guiding others through uncertainty.
  • Unleash critical thinking to sharpen strategy and vision.
  • Prioritize what matters most, maximizing your time and energy.
  • Take the journey to transform not just your skills, but your inner landscape. Develop a growth mindset that embraces imperfection as the path itself. Stay curious, lean into discomfort, and have faith in the leader you are becoming.

We invite you to surround yourself with a community of like-minded changemakers. Share struggles and breakthroughs on the path toward limitless leadership. With compassion as your guide, your potential has no bounds.

The time for self-exploration and collective growth begins now. Join the CCORE Leader Collective to propel your team forward and fulfill your business vision.

Leading Edge Teams Training -Barbara Schindler and Heather McGonigal on Laptop
Leading Edge Teams Training - Annie Hyman Pratt, Barbara Schindler and Heather McGonigal on Laptop

Find out what it means to be a Pilot Member of this revolutionary program.

"Either fix the problem, grow from it, or do something different in the future. Allow space for others to do any or all of the same."
Annie Hyman Pratt, Executive Consultant, CEO & Founder of Leading Edge Teams, Author & Speaker, The People Part
Annie Hyman Pratt
CEO | Founder | Executive Consultant

A+ Leaders that have been through our programs say…

We’re super happy with the business results we've accomplished. We're also really happy with the culture, the team that we've created, because you need both. Leading Edge Teams has been a really big part of helping us to create what we now have.
We've really improved, not only our team, but the overall reliability we have in each other. We trust that we have our positions and our roles and we can do what we need to to really grow, both the CEO, myself, and the rest of the staff.
One of the most shocking things that came from really putting myself out there and really just digging in, investing in the forward thinking, was the lack of resistance that I got when I presented a fully developed plan.
What makes this program different is it actually teaches you from the human perspective how to treat business relationships. And that, to me, is even bigger than the nuts and bolts. It's the relationships with people that really carry a business for a long time.
"You are always able to choose how you show up. Choose wisely."
Heather McGonigal, Executive Coach, Program Director at Leading Edge Teams
Heather McGonigal
Executive Coach | Leadership Trainer | Program Director

Being a high-performance leader starts with developing your People Part and Business Part leadership skills...

Despite the fact that many business leaders and entrepreneurial team members find custom consulting and high-end programs financially out of reach, we recognize that every top-tier leader desires continuous evolution to achieve optimal results.

We developed CCORE Leader Collective to address exactly this need. It’s a cost-effective, subscription membership in which we (Leading Edge Teams' coaches and trainers) teach leaders to step up, develop the skills and take ownership of driving business operations—while also learning to lead, manage and develop a team.

Leadership mastery comes from practicing skills over time until they become second nature. Our program focuses on immediately actionable techniques you can integrate into your daily work. Through interactive exercises, you'll get hands-on learning tailored to real-life challenges. You will  implement a step-by-step approach to transform yourself and your team. Our goal is to provide the tools and community for you to naturally embody empowering leadership over the long-term.

CCORE Curriculum Teaching and Tools

We deliver the program virtually, through a structure of video trainings, downloadable tools and group Zoom sessions. The CCORE Leader Collective curriculum covers fundamental business strategy, infrastructure, leadership & team performance, including:

Reinvent Your Business by Reinventing Yourself as a Leader

Peer Community

The community component of the collective offers an incredible opportunity for leaders to engage with peers who are in similar roles from companies at similar stages of growth, and often in related or complementary industries. The collective learning, creative problem-solving and support in this type of network is often available to CEO’s, but rarely to entrepreneurial business leaders. We are delighted to offer this learning and connection.

"Leadership begins with you! Ask yourself, who do you want to be in any given situation? Then lead yourself to shine your brightest each day!"
Barbara Schindler, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurial Consultant, COO of Leading Edge Teams
Barbara Schindler
Executive Coach | Entrepreneurial Consultant | COO
0 Years Strong

The ‘A+’ Leader Development Program and Mastermind is a proven program going into its ninth year. This program enrolls almost exclusively through referrals, and open spots are limited because of the high renewal rate. We are happy to meet with anyone interested in learning more about the program and if it might be a fit for your leader(s) and your company.

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