Leadership Tip by Annie Hyman Pratt:

Let’s dive right in. You are the smart leader on the top rung, but you need more than your two hands and one brain to consistently produce momentum and maintain company value. Change is your challenge. In today’s global market, you have to keep pace with the countless changes in competition, customer expectations and technology. Winning in business requires keeping up with it, but you can’t do it alone. 

The Solution: Build a team of  ‘A+’ Leaders!

One person cannot do it all anymore. Sustained business success is achieved with a team of good people with a variety of skills and perspectivesthinking, problem-solvers a team that helps you pivot faster and stay ahead of the curve of change. Even Steve Jobs learned he couldn’t know and do it all—neither can you.

Your company’s success will be highly impacted by your ability to attract and retain ‘A’ Players.You need a high-performing team that serves as the engine of your business, driving extraordinary results. ‘A’ Players become—the pistons—the reliable beating heart of your business. With your team in place, you can focus on leading and plotting the map—the strategic thinking that only you can do.

Like ‘A’ Players in sports, your team needs to be made up of ‘A’ Players who bring passion and commitment, expertise and results to your business. Once hired, they quickly take action to become valuable Team Members, and grow into taking their place as ‘A+’ Leaders.     

Most ‘A’ Players already have jobs. This is where attracting them comes into play. As CEO, your leadership reputation matters big time. ‘A’ Players are free agents—and can choose where to work! Let them know you value who they are and what they bring. Help them see their priorities and goals for a good work environment are objectives within your company.

How do you attract ‘A’ Players? With the mindset of an athletic coach, you offer ‘A’ Players a unique opportunity. You set the pace and goals, then watch them confidently step up and ace it. You create an environment where they are free to excel within defined boundaries—and they will!

What do ‘A’ Players want?

  • They want challenges, learning and growth—and personal and professional fulfillment.
  • They want to contribute and impact, see results and leave their mark.
  • They want to be part of a winning company through their work with the team.
  • They want to enjoy work and have authentic connections with others.
  • And don’t forget, they want to work for a CEO whose reputation is impressive—one with good business sense, strong leadership, and the ability to genuinely connect and communicate with their team.

Hiring a team of solid ‘A’ Players is a win-win! This equals freedom and stress relief for you, meaningful work for them, and productivity and profitability for your business. 

Before your next hire, consider the following:

  • What unique opportunity do you offer to attract ‘A’ Players to join your team? 
  • What is your leadership reputation?  
  • Remember, good team players are seeking much more than compensation packages. Offer them other values and they will be more open to saying, “Yes!”

Now, get out there and lead!

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