How to Put Mindful Leadership into Action

Right now, you might be asking… Just how do I put mindful leadership into action?
Let’s take a look at how mindfulness fits into your life, and into your work.

First understand, mindfulness is a personal practice of quiet centering, it is for you and about you. With that in mind, I encourage you to identify why it has personal value and why it is beneficial for you. Examples are: to decrease stress, gain insights, increase focus, enhance performance, gain security in self, develop leadership confidence, acceptance of “what is,” and more.  

Recognizing how it can benefit you, make choices that support regular mindfulness practice. 

  • Choose to pause your doing for a period of time.
  • Get into a comfortable position, through sitting or lying down.
  • Relax your muscles from head to toe. Close your eyes. 
  • Quiet your mind, by noticing your thoughts and letting them flow by.
  • Notice your breathing, deepen it and focus on it.  
  • Connect to your authentic self, your heart center, by awareness of your breath.
  • Gently listen within.
  • Offer yourself compassionate care.
  • Rest in the moment.  Remind yourself, “I’m okay.” 
  • Simply Be in the Moment with awareness of inner peace.

Even though a lot may be happening around you, choose to center yourself in stillness. Let go of concerns and your need to control. Gain fresh perspectives. Be peaceful in the moment.

Mindfulness is a different way of being… 
Try this:

Mindfulness is choosing to be genuinely okay in the present moment. It’s a way to experience a sense of rest, release, and peace. When you choose to spend time in this place of awareness and inner stillness, you move beyond your perceived limitations. It’s there that you rest in your secure self. As you practice mindfulness, lean toward a calm presence within your soul self, no matter what is happening outside of you

Practice Mindfulness to be your best self:

As you pause, notice your breathing. Seek to be curious and expectant about who you want to be. Allow your best self to rise up. Be a neutral observer. Notice what is and anticipate what can be as you develop your inner awareness! 

Continue to pause; focus on your breath. Don’t engage with brain chatter and outside distractions. Mindful leadership in action is tangible. You feel grounded and self-assured, and others experience your confidence and peacefulness. It allows you to anchor in your secure self and model compassion, self-leadership, healthy vulnerability and authenticity. 

Mindfulness starts with you!

Go ahead, step back for a minute: Anchor your awareness in who you consciously want to be. What influence and impact do you want to achieve in your role? What is your part? 

Rather than thinking about how it used to be, or should be, or is going to be, discover relief and rest in what is! 

In this practice, you can grow and discover how to relate to yourself, others and situations differently. Consider thinking about actions and behaviors from the place of your secure self. What does that look like? Feel like? How will you respond in new ways?

Feel refreshed and nourished. Live in possibility and potential as you function in your role. Nothing stays the same. Opportunity evolves throughout your lifetime.   

Mindfulness strengthens you as a business leader…  

Absolutely. And from my perspective this practice is essential as you move along your business leader journey. To support mindfulness, Leading Edge Teams CCORE Empowerment Process provides steps to develop your secure self and strengthens your ability to pause. It’s all about awareness and choice—being mindful of your authentic self—and living out who you desire to be and what you want to do each day.   

Take Action:

In the table below, I SEED more thoughts about mindfulness. To begin, I encourage you to start with the action items in the first column: SHIFT. Begin to apply one or more of the actions listed. 

Now, I invite you to download our “SEED” Mindfulness table in this blog. Practice mindfulness to awaken your inner awareness. And as you are ready, be intentional as you move to each of the action items. In mindfulness, while connecting to stillness within yourself, you can become more of a neutral observer. Becoming less attached to allowing challenging circumstances, problems and people to negatively impact your day. Minimize knee-jerk reactivity while maximizing your inner self-leadership.     

Remember, this is all about you! You are empowered to make a difference in mindful leadership. SHIFT to inner stillness—to non-doing. Pause. Be present. Listen with your heart. Be peaceful.  

“Work with what is, to discover what can be as a mindful leader.”               

SEED Mindful Leadership - Leading Edge Teams

Mindful Leadership in Action

“SEED” Mindfulness


Shift to mindfulness that encourages and welcomes greater inner awareness. 
Be intentional. Pause. Breathe. 

Gain awareness of your inner wisdom (soul self) with the desire to move what comes forward into action. 

Expand viewpoint and perspective. See current circumstances and change through a fresh lens.

Recognize your soul, your heartbeat, your true (deeper) self.

Identify and minimize self-protection and mindsets that are self-limiting. 

Practice shifting your stress to becoming your best self today.

Adapt to a different way of thinking about empowerment in  your role, the part you play.

Courageously welcome change and go for transformation.

Promote and model calm and adaptability to change.

Make a commitment to yourself to develop mindful leadership.

Be curious. Be kind. Embrace peace.


Increase confidence to take effective action within your role. Demonstrate compassionate leadership authority. 

Accept what currently “is” and have a willingness to consider something new, or adopt a new way of doing things.

Gain personal courage and confidence (in a variety of ways).

Receive creative inspiration and find new ways of expression.

Release distractions.

Adopt self-leadership for yourself.“Let go” of control and accept what is.

Increase focus. Prioritize quiet time to sit with thoughts, develop creative elements, and expand new learning.

Discover your potential.

Unlock inner strengths.

Strengthen self-acceptance.

Enjoy a personal willingness and excitement to practice a mindfulness journey going forward.


Incorporate and develop new learning, experiences and perspectives on your leadership journey. 

Focus on making the most of this very moment, today.

Strengthen clear, confident decision-making.

Reduce reactive, stressful behaviors. Function uniquely and differently. 

Courageously lead yourself and others. 

Work with a team in a safe and trusting,  creative and collaborative space.

Broaden your perspective. Listen more, talk less.

Inspire trust, empower others through heart centered relating.

Think collectively regarding opportunities that arise due to change.

Acknowledge your own growth and achievement. 

Celebrate others' contribution to the team's learning and success, as well as their own individual achievements. 


Understand (be mindful) of the nature and essential qualities of yourself as a person and business leader.  

Master inner skills as you cultivate outer capabilities.

Become a proactive leader committed to inner growth and transformative change.

 “outside the box.”
critical thinking.
Be a world changer.

Trust your ability to discern. Model sound decision-making.   

Personally impact individuals through demonstrating compassion, empathy, and appropriate vulnerability.

Share knowledge. 

Know that to reset,  readjust, and reorganize are part of the business journey. 

Welcome, teach and influence others forward in their extraordinary, transformative journey to leadership excellence. 

Provide clear  information and methods to others,   to realize the  company vision.

Barbara Schindler
Defining individual skills and team goals to challenge the norms and stretch imaginations.  

Besides decades of diverse business experience, Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Behavior and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College, as well as a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She delights in seeing her clients fully experience their unique business leadership talents as they step up to the next level professionally and personally. 

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