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Our commitment is to provide the tools and skills that develop A+ Leaders. Working together, and step-by-step, we develop high-performing individuals and teams. All that we teach and the materials we produce guide businesses at every stage. Supporting a company's vision and seeing them surpass strategic goals in today's ever-changing world is a big win for us.

Ahead of the Curve Self-Leadership journal by Annie Hyman Pratt - Leading Edge Teams

Ahead of the Curve
30 Day Self-Leadership Journal

How to be a thriving A+ Leader in the fast paced, ever-changing landscape of business today.

The best leaders account for the fact that we are humans together doing business, not robots. Our basic needs and feelings are universal. Connecting to the humanity in one another gives us greater understanding. It is imperative to engage compassion from Self-Leadership in connection with yourself and others. This journal will teach you some key mindset shifts and support you in changing habits to improve your leadership. As you practice these leadership skills, you will see the positive impact. You will be inspired to keep growing and changing.

ACE in the Hole:
30 Day Self-Leadership Journal

The Power of Agreement: What ‘A+’ Leaders do differently to generate extraordinary results.

The ability to make good agreements is a foundational leadership skill, and communication is a two-way street. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you make agreements all day every day. In business, agreements are the main mechanism of teamwork. Learn how to use the tool of agreements to your greatest advantage. When you develop the habit of making clear conscious agreements with others, you will increase your team’s efficiency and effectiveness tenfold.

Ace In The Hole-Leadership journal by Annie Hyman Pratt - Leading Edge Teams
Pause Button: The Power of the Pause - The People Part - Leading Edge Teams
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