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Leadership Styles: Which personality feels most authentically like you?

Discover your leadership superpower. Self-Leadership Assessment Quiz Quadrant: Squad Leader,Trail Blazer, Professor, Ship Captain - Leading Edge Teams

You are unique! As a business leader, acknowledging your innate gifts and abilities helps you to make the most of them. Always, at Leading Edge Teams, we encourage diving deep into the importance of cultivating a leader's mindset, no matter your role in the company. Identifying your leadership style is especially important in the face of anxiety, fear, and stress, which are often unavoidable in the challenging world of business. This awareness is key for your ability to choose your response and how you want to best approach situations.

Knowing yourself, understanding your leadership style, your strengths and weaknesses is a must for everyone. Be curious and learn more about yourself when your goal is to collaborate and work with a team to achieve strong company outcomes. This takes a willingness to be appropriately open and vulnerable, and to honestly look at yourself more closely. 

To understand your innate natural style and how to fully build upon it to develop your leadership potential is a journey of growth.       

Think about it. Gaining knowledge about the four leadership styles that we (at Leading Edge Teams) use in our coaching, consistently moves people to lean into, rather than to resist the contrasting, distracting or time-consuming behaviors of others within the company or on your team. We know the people part of business is all too often the most problematic part! 

Ultimately, recognition of your style, and that of others, brings growth in self-leadership, greater team alignment, competence and productivity. Emotional self-protection and judgment become less, and mutual appreciation increases. This fuels an efficient, collaborative and creative company culture and environment that becomes the norm.

A quick look at the four leadership styles. Which one feels most authentically like you?


Squad Leaders are the team’s alliance builders. Squad Leaders are reliable, dependable and drive the collaboration of the team. As a Squad Leader, you start the engine and mobilize your team. You lead by example and encourage them to join you. 

Hidden Sabotage Characteristics of Squad Leaders: They are typically the first to burnout in an unhealthy work environment. If you are a Squad Leader, you may often find yourself taking on too much before asking for help. You frequently over-estimate the load you can carry effectively, which leads to ongoing discouragement, negativity and feeling like a victim, and ultimately burnout. 


Trailblazers are entrepreneurial and not afraid of taking risks. Trailblazers are innovative, courageous and inspiring. As a Trailblazer, you are a visionary and are comfortable in the lead, while continually moving you and your team forward. 

Hidden Sabotage Characteristics Trailblazers: They often feel like they have to pull people along with them and that their team is slowing them down. If you are a Trailblazer, you may also over trust your unique genius and miss out on the talent in the people surrounding you. It’s not uncommon to find yourself thinking, “It would be easier (and faster) to just do it myself.”


Ship Captains charter the course and draw the maps. Ship Captains are determined to find the best route and plan a decisive course to get there. As a Ship Captain, you are enthusiastic and inclusive with your team, doing all you can to ensure their individual success, as well as the success of the team and the business. 

Hidden Sabotage Characteristics of Ship Captains: They depend highly on their team. If you are a Ship Captain, if you don’t have a solid team of people to do the tasks and complete the details of the work, you may be challenged to complete projects. You may also find yourself easily distracted with the intrigue of planning another adventure. Or you may spend time re-evaluating the plan you originally created, thus slowing or even stopping the progress of your team.


The Professor is the super expert of the team. Professors are the Sherlock Holmes of the business. As a Professor, you thrive on being the facilitator of think tank discussions and are happiest when solid ideas and plans are formulated. You often bring the research, facts and fictions to the table when meeting with team members, to shed light on all aspects of a situation. 

Hidden Sabotage Characteristics of Professors: They can be challenged when it comes to leveraging people; influencing them to get the results they want may be hindered. If you are a Professor, you may be described as a perfectionist and may have difficulty trusting the capability of your team. Perfectionism also keeps you from taking needed risks, which may cause deadlines to pass and projects to be shelved.

As you consider the natural behaviors of the four leadership styles above, take a few minutes to take our Leadership SuperPower Quiz.

Commonly known perceptions about the right brain (creative, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, artistic) and the left-brain (language, logical, critical thinking, numbers and systematic) may stand out to you. Of course, you use all of your brain, but science tells us people innately lean more one way or the other.

If you are curious about your level of self-leadership, take a look at this page to get more insight into, “The 4 Levels of Self-Leadership.”  

Knowing your Leadership Style, your SuperPower, enables you to personally claim your genius zone and your strengths.

That’s the exciting part, but there is also a hidden super-important piece of information inside of your SuperPower. That is your Achilles heel. Because at the extreme, your SuperPower starts to get in your way and block your success. It becomes a covert form of self-protection, which hinders your ability to work efficiently and in unity with others. With self-awareness you can lean-in and shine from your SuperPower!

Increasing your awareness, and learning to work with the most common “4 leadership styles,” and your unique personality (and the personality of those you work with), is eye-opening. It is beneficial to team interaction and communication for optimal performance.

Remember, we are here for you! Here at Leading Edge Teams our passion and purpose is to help you and your team create the ongoing behavioral habits that assure you are able to achieve high performance in your company. Working in an environment where everyone can be relied upon to bring out the best in one another and consistently take the most effective actions to achieve results is our ultimate goal for you and your company. 


Barbara Schindler
As an executive coach, Barbara defines individual skills and team goals to challenge the company norms and stretch imaginations of people. She coaches and guides, so that leaders step up to the next level, professionally and personally. Besides decades of diverse business experience, Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Behavior and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College, as well as a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

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