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Business leaders are unique,
each having a style all their own!

Are you curious about your Leadership SuperPower, your strengths and challenges?
Let us help you identify where you are in your leadership journey. Take note! You have natural gifts that we refer to as your SuperPower. No one else is exactly like you.

Enjoy taking this revealing quiz. As we work with our clients, they tell us how beneficial this understanding is within their companies. To recognize more fully about who you are naturally in your leadership behavior—your SuperPower—highlights the strengths that you contribute to business development, teamwork, and high performance outcomes. Gaining this awareness increases your business leadership abilities, your potential and achievement. Another plus is self-acceptance grows, alongside personal and professional confidence.

Effective teamwork and collaboration utilizes everyone’s abilities, and blends a variety of leadership styles and skill sets.

How boring our work life would be if we were all the same!

However, we also know that extreme polarity sabotages workplace environments and team performance. Awareness and respect of one another’s differences builds trusted work relationships and productivity.

Knowledge about the four leadership styles that we (at Leading Edge Teams) use in our coaching, consistently moves people to lean into, rather than to resist contrasting behavior. This brings greater team alignment and competence. Emotional self-protection and judgment become less, and mutual appreciation fuels an efficient, collaborative and creative environment that becomes the norm.

As you consider the natural behaviors of the four leadership styles in our Leadership SuperPower Quiz, commonly known perceptions about right brain (creative, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, artistic) and left-brain (language, logical, critical thinking, numbers and systematic) may stand out to you. Of course, you use all of your brain, but science tells us people innately lean more one way or the other.

You may see yourself as a person who decides and acts, rather than typically thinks and strategizes.Or perhaps you are one who tends to avoid and please rather than the polarity of your style, a person who easily confronts and engages. At the extreme, any of these behaviors can have a negative impact.

At the same time, your natural tendency reveals your strengths and talents (SuperPower!). The key is to lean in toward the center, for balance and empowered expression. And while doing so, your flexibility and support encourages others to do the same. The ideal is when people mutually move toward one another. This creates connection and psychological safety that opens up opportunities to share ideas and innovation that reaches beyond individual contribution.

As you take the quiz, remember that all leadership styles are excellent and essential for empowered teamwork. For each style, it’s also beneficial to learn the particular self-protection challenges that tend to show up. As we guide you, trust this process. Be curious to what quadrant is revealed as your leadership style. Explore what this means to you as we provide you more complementary information by email. This greater understanding will empower you as you build your performance and leadership reputation.

So now, please go ahead and click to take our free Leadership Assessment Quiz. Enjoy discovering more about yourself and others!

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