No Humans Are Perfect

As humans, we’d like to believe that someone has everything figured out better than we do, because we know the all too frequent moments that are crystal clear: we do not have it all figured out. No humans are perfect! 

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We are All Human

I’ve had my share of teachers and mentors through all stages of my life that I have looked up to, learned from, and hoped to become more like. And maybe you can relate to this, but a time or two I was momentarily thrown off kilter when I learned that one of my most influential and important mentors was a flawed human too.

We Are All Learning

Perhaps you have witnessed a favorite teacher doing something very human like losing their cool under pressure, or missing an important deadline. Here’s the thing…the learning part of the human experience is ALWAYS unfolding. Every single human has very human things (ie: flaws, failings) that they are learning from daily and a next-level they are growing into no matter how accomplished or well put together they seem. Many of your mentors and teachers are teaching the very thing that they also need to work on for themselves—still

In fact, one of the greatest blindspots successful people can have is thinking that they already have it all figured out and there is nothing more to learn in their area of expertise. This is a missed opportunity—they miss the gifts and innovation that come from being open to not knowing it all.

We Are Not Perfect

In other words, no humans are perfect. That person you look up to may have a higher level mastery in a certain area, and you can learn from their journey, but they have not perfected it. 

Perfection is not available—only continued willingness to learn. (Read that again.)

It is no mistake that one of my biggest life lessons is what I feel most called to bring to others. The greatest challenge of my life has been growing into being fully okay with being all the way me. I’ve lived it. I know it (to a point). I know I am meant to share it. And I am certain I have more to learn. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that as a coach of leaders, my greatest joy is helping the well-intentioned, determined people I meet become all the way themselves. It is such a gift to be able to witness their evolution as they grow into their fullest, most empowered point of expression, as I too, practice doing exactly the same. The leaders I coach teach me so much everyday and I feel honored to witness their journey.

The World Needs Healing

For healing to happen, the world needs a fully empowered you. Keep stepping forward. Grab the wisdom from others that speaks to you, and then find out why it speaks to you. Ask yourself, what is the positive transformation you are here to provide? Listen for the answer. Let your actions align with that vision and then go out there and take action. 

And, I encourage you to find the mentors and teachers that speak to your heart. Allow their wisdom to add to your own, and allow from that new expansive space you find for your own potential to flourish. They have a teaching you can embrace to uplevel who you are and how you can show up. Grab it. Make it your own. Their message resonates for a reason.

A Word of Caution

Don’t expect perfection from your teachers and mentors. They have some parts figured out, and they are willing to share what they have learned, but this does not mean that they have it ALL figured out. Far from it, they will face challenges they have faced in the past yet again and falter; yet this is not their failure it is just the next level of their development, and it does not undo the positive impact or influence they have had on your own growth journey. Or at least it doesn’t have to. You have a choice. 

My advice, thank them for the gem of their own learning that they passed to you, and then build on it. It is but a stepping stone on your journey, a leg up, what you do with the new path you find yourself on is the chapter you write with your choices. 

Change at the individual level is where it all begins.

So, let’s all learn from one another and lead with compassion, humility, heart and a willingness to connect. What’s your part? 

To your ever-expanding path,
Coach Heather

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