In today's rapidly changing world, businesses face numerous factors impacting their success. Collaboration, advanced problem-solving, and innovation are critical. Are you ready to meet this moment?

Our podcast is dedicated to supporting your leadership development and enhancing your impact, whether you're a CEO, COO, business leader, or an A+ team member. We aim to empower you to become a confident and impactful leader, even in the face of stress and challenges.

Through insightful discussions and valuable tips, we provide the tools you need to manage stress, overcome obstacles, and foster positive interactions with others. Embracing self-leadership becomes the catalyst for your journey towards making a significant difference in your world.

Latest Episode

Avoid the Visionary-Integrator Trap: Build a Cross-Functional Leadership Team Instead

The visionary-integrator model is a popular framework for entrepreneurial businesses, but it has some serious flaws. In this video, I explain why you don't need both roles at the top of your business, and how to build a cross-functional leadership team that can actually run your business.

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Cell Phone Leadership is Calling Podcast with Annie Hyman Pratt - Leading Edge Teams

At the Leadership is Calling Podcast, we believe that up-leveling your ability to achieve results with others is an ongoing process. With decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and their teams, Annie Hyman Pratt's mastery lies in developing leaders, teams, and infrastructure that drive business growth. This enables entrepreneurs to focus on strategic and creative aspects while having the time, freedom, and positive impact they desire. You are in excellent hands when you embrace Annie and her Leading-Edge Team's coaching.

Make our podcast your go-to source for leadership and teamwork insights. Join us regularly and let us know the challenges you need help navigating. Together, let's unlock your leadership potential and create a lasting impact on your professional journey.

Cell Phone Leadership is Calling Podcast with Annie Hyman Pratt - Leading Edge Teams

Past Episodes

How to Set Boundaries and Take Care of Yourself During Hard Conversations

EPISODE #31: As a leader, you will inevitably have to have hard conversations with your team members. These conversations can be difficult, but they are essential for building trust, resolving conflict, and driving performance.

In this video, Leading Edge Teams Executive Coach, Heather McGonigal and Régis Portovedo, a successful COO, Event Strategist, and leader of high-performance digital business teams, discuss tips for having effective hard conversations. They covers topics such as how to prepare for a hard conversation, how to manage your emotions, and how to set boundaries. Régis also emphasizes the importance of self-care for leaders, and she shares some tips for taking care of yourself during and after hard conversations.

The SOAR Acronym: A Proven Formula for Success in Business

Barbara Schindler & Heather McGonigal

EPISODE #30: Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling to grow your team? Do you feel like you're the only one who can get things done? If so, you're not alone. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to let go of control and trust their team members to take on more responsibility.

In this video, Annie shares with you the secrets to transitioning from authority and control to influence and collaboration in your business. Annie explains why it's important to let go of control, and I'll give you tips on how to build a team of high-performers who can think for themselves using our SOAR acronym.

How to Reinvent Yourself as a Leader in a Challenging Economy

EPISODE #29: In this episode of Leadership Is Calling, Annie Hyman Pratt talks about why it's important for leaders to reinvent themselves in today's ever-changing world. She will share some strategies for staying calm and confident in the face of change, and show you how to use self-leadership to thrive in a challenging economy. 

The world is changing, and leaders need to change with it. Learn how to reinvent yourself and stay ahead of the curve.

The Power of Healthy Vulnerability in Leadership

Barbara Schindler & Heather McGonigal

EPISODE #28: Vulnerability is often seen as a weakness, but it can actually be a powerful strength in leadership. When leaders are willing to be vulnerable, they build trust and connection with their team members. They also create a safe space for others to be vulnerable, which can lead to greater creativity and innovation. In this video, we'll explore the benefits of healthy vulnerability in leadership and share tips on how to be more vulnerable in your own leadership.

How to Lead Intentionally in a Time of Stress | The Power of the Pause

Annie Hyman Pratt & Heather McGonigal

In this video, we discuss the importance of leading intentionally, even when you're feeling stressed. We'll share tips on how to get out of your narrow perspective, stay calm and composed under pressure, and find the good in the hard times. Whether you're a leader in the workplace or in your own life, these tips can help you lead more effectively and create a more positive environment for everyone involved.

The Power of the Pause: How to Respond (Not React) to Conflict

EPISODE #26: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #14
Do you ever feel like you react to things instead of responding? Do you find yourself getting triggered by your team members or other people? If so, you're not alone. The pause is the space between stimulus and response. It's the moment when you have a choice about how you're going to react. When you're triggered, you can either react automatically or you can pause and choose a different response.

How to Create a Culture of Values

Annie Hyman Pratt & Heather McGonigal

Annie Hyman Pratt & Heather McGonigal

In this 30-minute conversation, Annie Hyman Pratt, Founder and CEO of Leading Edge Teams, and Heather McGonigal, Program Director and Executive Coach, share their personal stories about how to create a culture of values in the workplace. They discuss the importance of values in creating a positive work environment, getting teams working together on the same page, and knowing when to pause for self-care.

How to Build a Culture That Drives Results

EPISODE #24: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #13
In this video, I'll discuss the importance of self-leadership in business and how you can create a culture of self-leadership in your organization. I also discuss the importance of culture in the workplace and how to create a great work culture. I cover four key areas that we teach at Leading Edge Teams.

How to Survive and Thrive After a Traumatic Business Event

EPISODE #23: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #12
Have you ever experienced a traumatic business event? If so, you know how difficult it can be to cope with the emotional and financial fallout. In this video, I will share my insights on how to survive and thrive after a traumatic business event.

How to Be a Compassionate Leader Without Losing Authority

EPISODE #22: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #11
In this video, I discuss the importance of compassion in leadership and how to lead with compassion without losing authority. I share my own experiences as a leader and offer tips on how to create a compassionate and productive work environment.

How to Achieve Success by Accepting What You Can't Control

EPISODE #21: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #10
In this episode, Annie discusses the two types of control: controlling what others do and controlling how others perceive you. Annie explains how both of these types of control can lead to stress, anxiety, and perfectionism. She also shares tips on how to let go of control and focus on the things that you can control.

How to Handle Mistakes and Conflict in the Workplace

EPISODE #20: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #9
Mistakes and conflict are inevitable in the workplace. But how you handle them can make all the difference. In this video, I'll share some tips on how to handle mistakes and conflict in a way that is professional, productive, and respectful.

How to Break Through the Career Ceiling and Reach Your Full Potential

EPISODE #19: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #8
Self-leadership is essential for high performers who want to advance their careers. When you are able to lead yourself effectively, you are better able to manage stress, handle challenges, and interact with others in a positive way.

Moving From Taking Control To Giving Control

EPISODE #18: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series 
On this episode of Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt, Annie discusses knowing when to take and give control to your employees as they grow from trainees to highly effective team members. .

Finding Opportunity In Downturns

EPISODE #17: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #7
On this episode of Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt, Annie talks about finding the opportunity during a downturn to keep your business moving forward.

Project Charters Get Things Done

EPISODE #16: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #6
On this episode of Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt, Annie discusses how project charters can help you accomplish goals in your business.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with a Thinking Partner

If you're ready to have a team that....

Expect the Unexpected

EPISODE #15: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #5
On this episode of Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt where she discusses how to plan for, and even expect, the unexpected in the world around us and how it might affect your business.

Self-Compassionate Leadership

EPISODE #14: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #4
On this episode of Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt we explore self-compassionate leadership and how being more kind to yourself can help your success.

Systems & Processes

EPISODE #13: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #3
Leadership is Calling presents, Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt, a new limited series! In this episode, Annie talks about how systems & processes really benefit a business.


EPISODE #12: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #2
Leadership is Calling presents, Ten Years in Ten Minutes with Annie Hyman Pratt, a new limited series! In this premiere episode, Annie talks about the importance of maintaining not only your own confidence as a leader, but also the confidence of your team.

Emotions Are Contagious, Good Ones Too

EPISODE #11: 10 Years in 10 Minutes Series #1
Being a strong business leader in today's economy means recognizing that your emotions are contagious. How you are handling stress in your work environment can and will impact decision making in your company. Tune in for Annie Hyman Pratt's advice on regulating emotions through hard times.

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Making a Leap of Faith In Today's Business World

When is it time to take a leap of faith with your business? How do we know when it is time to stop trying to fix everything, and take a leap of faith in a new direction? Tune in to Episode 10 of Leadership is Calling to hear Annie Hyman Pratt's advice and tips on knowing when it is time to embrace new challenges to survive unexpected changes in today's business environment.

Decision Making In Today's Business Environment

Even the best business leaders can't plan for everything. Tune into today's episode of Leadership Is Calling to get Annie Hyman Pratt's guidance around decision making in and unpredictable world!

If My Team Would Just Prioritize

In this latest episode, Prioritization is something I hear about that often from CEO’s and high level leaders. “If my team would just prioritize better we could actually get everything done, do a better job and never be overwhelmed.” Maybe you’ve heard it or said something like that. Prioritization seems like it should be the miracle cure but in reality it is too simple a concept to cover everything.

Business Vision State: The Journey from A to V

In leadership, the journey from where you started to where you are going will always require an up-level of skills in every area of your business. In this latest episode, learn what you must do as a leader.

Agreements Are Not a Promise

Teamwork is all about coming together to make conscious agreements to take effective action to achieve results! In this latest episode, you’ll discover why  agreements are situational and made based upon what’s happening in your business…and more.

Turn Your Vision And Mission Into Results

Learn why knowing the crucial differences between vision, mission, and goals help you to understand the keys to your business success.

You’re Doing It Wrong: Why Judgment Clouds Your Best Thinking

Learn how to “Release Judgment to Compassion” so that you can resolve the things that trigger you into a self-protective so you can solve for the future, and more…

Resolve Your Reactivity

Get out of self-protection and stop losing access to your best thinking. Tune into this episode to learn how to pause and regulate so you can resolve any reaction that triggers self-protective behavior, and more…

Self-Leadership & Emotional Regulation

In this episode, learn what it takes to behave intentionally under stress, pressure, and challenge and how to grow your ability to handle stress and challenge without reacting from a self-protective place.

What is Self-Leadership - Self-Leadership Vs. Self-Protection

Tune in to this episode of the Leadership Is Calling Podcast to discover what happens when you…

  • React in self-protection and are driven by your emotions at work (and all of your life)
  • Understand how your fight, flight, freeze, please response affects your best thinking
  • Can effectively recognize and notice your reactions and what to do instead
  • Take the steps necessary to get back into Self-Leadership

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