Priority Management: Make Intentional Choices About How You Use Your Time

The most valuable resource is you.


Inside every business the human resources are the most important, and by their very nature limited. No matter how brilliant you are or how well you systematize and organize your efforts, you must rest and recoup for part of the day to be able to contribute your gifts and talents. Priority management is key to your success.

So, are you being intentional in how you make best use of “you” the limited, valuable resource?

Any one of my entrepreneurial coaching clients can attest to managing a plate that is always full and/or overflowing. Additionally, they know that unexpected requests from other teammates as well as their CEO and other leadership team members, add more to their plate daily. I remind them often: you can’t predict what might be added, but you can count on, with certainty, that more will be added. Once you face that reality head on, you can work with it. 

That is why here at Leading Edge Teams, one of the things we empower leaders to speak up about is what is on their plate. To paint this picture to its fullest we share and teach about The Priorities Cascade, and I am excited to introduce you to it today.  

No one knows what is on your plate better than you do. And as my CEO and mentor Annie Hyman Pratt says often, “No one is coming to save you!”

So, after watching the video on The Priorities Cascade, this is my question to you: 

How can you make better use of yourself as a resource?


A few follow up questions that may bear fruit: 
  • Is there a way you want to structure the start and end of your day that will better help you best organize your workload?
  • Are there any agreements you may have made, upcoming project deadlines or tasks, that you may need to renegotiate because a new request takes priority? If so, where do you bring that forward?
  • Is there something on your plate that may no longer be relevant or necessary to achieving the business goals? What meeting is best for having this strategic business conversation?
  • Is there something you're holding onto and feeling stuck with? Could it be that with a little more context, you could move forward? Perhaps when it was initially delegated to you, you thought you had all the necessary information, but as you started working on it, you realized you needed more (don't be shy, this is a common occurrence).

This is just a sampling of what you may want to consider as you decide where your focus is needed most.

My main directive to you is to know that: you must set yourself up for success! 

Start today by considering what is on your plate. Be realistic about what daily demands occur. And then empower yourself to make better choices because you are not an endless, unlimited resource. You are a limited resource that you must use wisely to move the business forward and deliver results. 

Every entrepreneurial business has resource constraints. On a personal level, these limitations start with the undeniable fact that a day only has 24 hours (and you can’t work all of them!). Strengthen your ability to resource yourself. 

Cheering you on, 
Coach Heather

Priority Management: priorities cascade map - Leading Edge Teams

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