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It’s true, on any given day, your entrepreneurial journey can pump you up or have you down and discouraged. Absolutely nothing is a surprise to us… but some things are a surprise to you! 

We are here for you, and we are experts in how to help you as you fine-tune and develop your leadership skills, your team, and your business. 

Let’s explore together. you’re not alone in the challenges your business faces. We invite you to talk with us one-on-one. It’s the next step for you. 

Barbara Schindler, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurial Consultant and COO, will explore with you what is working well in your business and having a positive impact, as well as what is keeping you awake at night, or frazzled during the day. Barbara has over a decade of experience working with Annie and Leading Edge Teams, so she is the perfect person to help you get your questions answered.

As always, Leading Edge Teams’ focus is to bring step-by-step guidance with professional coaching and proven tools. We bring clarity and calm to the business part and the people part of your company. We bring relief… and greater productivity!    

Where do you need guidance or relief? What is most pressing right now? (Jot down what immediately comes to mind and you are prepared for your call with Barbara.)  

Book a discovery call today. Do it for you! Do it for your team! Do it for your business results!

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Barbara Schindler

Barbara Schindler

Executive Coach, Entrepreneurial Consultant & COO
Annie Hyman Pratt

“Learning all this (that we teach) is like learning how to play a sport. At first, it’s sometimes a mess to apply the skills you learn. But as you get better, you start to feel more confident about playing the game. It’s a lot more fun.”

Annie Hyman Pratt, CEO & Founder

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