What Is Your Most Valuable Business Resource?

Get ready, because your answer is a defining truth! What is your most valuable business resource?

Is it bottom-line dollarsor office space, equipment, technology or material “things?” Big kudos to you if your team popped into your mind first, because your people are absolutely your most valuable resource.

Ask yourself

Are you a leader whose words and actions bring out the best in your most valuable resource—your people? Do you show appreciation for the hard-work they are doing on behalf of your company? It’s well worth your time to realistically consider if you do or don’t. Appreciation is one of the most underutilized tools. Since it brings the biggest positive return, take the time to make the most of it.

Without a doubt, for your company to grow and prosper long term, you and your team need to be in the game together—developing your business thinking and decision-making, your interactions and communication skills. And remember, the people part is the strong foundation that supports the business part. 

‘A+' Team

To develop an ‘A+’ team, you need people who are free to take actions that let their abilities shine, and do what they do best. They need to feel valued. So, keep up with the pace of change and competition by becoming a Self-Leader who shows up and trusts your team to do the same, even when there is a great deal of stress and pressure in the business. When you embody this, I bet you agree that your team follows your lead and has superior performance, and proves to be your most valuable resource! 

CCORE Empowerment ProcessTM

As you (and your team) evolve using The CCORE Empowerment ProcessTM, you consistently take the steps to diffuse self-protection habits, showing up in your secure self. This is what that looks like and why it matters to your business. To show up in your secure self means that you are secure in your perspective, and at the same time you listen to others' thinking, even to the degree that you might change and expand your own, and consider other possibilities. You value the wealth of information your ‘A+’ Team of people bring to the table. 

Your Greatest Resource

This means that you have the confidence to “let go” and “let them.” You welcome your greatest resource, your people, to play the game with their unique set of skills; you welcome their expertise, critical thinking and decision-making. It’s personally freeing to be secure enough in your role that you encourage team collaboration, which simultaneously increases input and productivity, and the tangible value of your company.      

Cartoon - B to Z Mart or A Player Mart, person making decision - Leading Edge Teams

But to achieve the goals of a growing company, once again, ask yourself if you are a leader who shows up in Self-Leadership. OR, are you a leader who clings to a position of authority and power, feeling you are the only capable person in the room? 


Remember, this is a defining truth. Do you think that your genius alone will lead to achieving the business goals and the much-needed outcomes? If so, relying on your singular authority and power—one top person, without the support of a team—will stress you out and burn you out. For some, this is a hard truth, but it has to be said, because this model of leadership is an outdated notion, and an impossible position to maintain if you intend to have a thriving company. Instead, today’s best leaders have embraced a new paradigm shift —and that is—the reality that success and great outcomes are not up to the entrepreneur alone! 

Yep, your people, the human element, are your most valuable company resource. And a collaborative team that works together like a well-oiled engine goes the distance to achieve the expected results. It’s awesome to develop teams that get the job done and done right, and even go beyond your expectations. 

But one more thing… BEWARE of being a leader who places unrealistic expectations of performance! Remember that PEOPLE HAVE LIMITS, so pushing staff and teams beyond their capacity to perform, if done all too often, causes a downward spiral. 

Take Action

LEADERSHIP PRACTICE FOR TODAY: With only so many hours in the day, this is what human beings need to successfully work in your business (the short list): 

  • Realistic plans and timelines that are communicated clearly. 
  • Inspirational ideas that utilize their best skills, and contribute to move the needle toward strong results.
  • Investment in expanding their individual skills and Self-Leadership.  
  • Freedom and confidence in their ability to put forth effective action—from small tasks to big outcomes.
  • Transparency and time for connection with their leaders. Circle up frequently!
  • Invitation for frequent communication and check-ins. 
  • Well-deserved personal recognition and appreciation.
  • Encouragement to offer critical thinking and problem solving one-on-one or in meetings.
  • A heightened sense of trust and psychological safety, which allows sharing perspective and creative ideas.
  • Mutual respect and mutual responsibility.

I know you can do it! Your people, your most valuable resource, need these things from you. And as you model them, they will grow into Self-Leaders in their roles, right alongside you. 

Contact us anytime, when you feel the need for further information and guidance. 

This is leadership!

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