I recently received a really bad apology by email, and it inspired me to record this short VLOG.

Most of us know, to apologize is vital for creating and maintaining strong, trusting relationships, but when the first line of the apology comes out as blame, “You took it wrong,” that is a turn off, and not productive. In my case, I didn’t feel any better at all after being told I took it wrong; hence, my fault. My self-protection immediately rose up. My colleague’s apology backfired and left more damage in its wake. It didn’t feel good.

Take a moment to take in the teachable moment I share about in this video. It will be well worth your time. 

As you listen, consider when you have been on the receiving end of a “bad apology,” and when you have given a  “bad apology.” We’ve all done it.

Watch the video below, to hear my: “3-Step Simple Formula for a Great Apology”

  1. “I’m sorry, I…” (take ownership, acknowledge your misstep)
  2. “I know I impacted you by…” (put yourself in their shoes…
    an apology is not about you—it’s about the other person!)
  3. “Next time, I will…” (state what you would do differently next time)

Effective apologies will transform your relationships for the better. When you learn to use apology as a tool for relationship repair, both business and personal, your connection to others will be completely up-leveled.

Remember, an apology is not an admission of guilt! It’s a form of repair.


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