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100 behavioral interviewing questions that will help you hire the best!

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Create Your Strategic Business Plan

If you’re a company that is functioning without strategic planning and annual goals… now is the time to start.

Build Performance Team & Culture

When we’re going to make this cross-over bridge from individual to really effective leader then we have to rely so much less on your personal ….

Build Business Infrastructure To Sustain

Structure and processes are very important. In fact, there’s a principle in psychology that the more ….

Private Consulting

With a private client engagement Annie and her team work from within your business to help make lasting change.

You get Annie’s unparalleled business expertise and critical thinking working alongside you and helping you develop your team.

Key Business Leader Mastermind & Development Program

The Key Business Leaders Mastermind & Development Program is a year long training program in which Annie personally trains your key leaders to step up, take ownership of, and drive the operations of your business – helping you achieve your biggest goals.

Rapid Business Growth Intensive

The Rapid Business Growth Intensive Workshop gives you the blueprint for driving Rapid & Sustainable Growth and Success in your business.

Client Satisfaction


Being in KBL is magnificent. I am tapped into a whole network of CEOs and Operations Managers who I can now call upon when things get crunchy. I feel so much less alone and so much more supported.

Sage Levine

CEO / Women Rocking Business

I would say that being in KBL is grounding. It helps me to gain real traction with the most critical issues before us as an organization, which are the cultivation of the team which can turn great ideas into effective action.

Ocean Robbins

CEO / The Food Revolution Network

Having the structure to have difficult conversations, having the formats to hold people accountable, all of those tools are things that when we did not have we were winging it. Now it feels like we really have time tested tools.

Lisa Sasevich

CEO / The Invisible Close

When the CEO and I speak now, I volunteer more of by creative thinking about what I think we should be doing as an organization to become strong and work in a cemented cohesive way.

Lionel Church

COO / The Food Revolution Network

Featured Posts

The Power of Agreements

 Agreements are the main mechanism you and your team use in working together. It is how you get things done, and yet I find it is a leadership tool that is often overlooked. I believe that making good agreements is key to your success so let’s take a...

How to Create Clear Measurable Outcomes

Have you ever given your team a task – only to have them deliver incomplete (or a complete lack of) results? While there are plenty of reasons for under-performance, the most common – by far – is this: Your outcomes are too FUZZY. (Not "warm and fuzzy" – but...

Leadership Under Pressure

Today’s team tip is about high pressure situations… and more specifically, how YOU react and respond under stress. The important thing to know about acting under stress – is that you have a CHOICE… and the decision you make about how you respond in that moment...

How to Hire A-Players

100 behavioral interviewing questions that will help you hire the best!

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