“The productivity of your business, the effectiveness of your algorithms, your business’s ability to grow—it comes back to how well you’re able to get effective teamwork driving results. And Annie Hyman Pratt knows how to build teams that drive results. From having a visionary master plan that creates powerful team alignment, to helping your people reach their highest performance potential, this book can help you become the type of leader who attracts a growth- focused dream team. The people part of business is arguably the most important part . . . and with Annie’s help, you can have an amazing team working together to achieve the results you want.”

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Annie Hyman Pratt, Executive Consultant, CEO & Founder of Leading Edge Teams, Author & Speaker, The People Part

“The more psychological safety you generate, the more you can request people to perform outside their comfort zones. It requires courage to step up and take more ownership for delivering outcomes. That’s why we need safety!”

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