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In business, effective human performance has to be developed as we teach in the “People Part” of our program. We take company interactions from difficult and draining to fulfilling and productive. This is the human foundation every successful business is built upon.

Briefly, the “People Part” starts with individual leadership development and training in how to move forward (with greater ability) to consistently show up in Self-Leadership. Every person in the company grows into Self-Leadership, not just some.

From a place of Self-Leadership, secure relationships and trusted partnerships are built with owners, CEOs, executive leaders, and every person on the team. Effective leadership and teamwork is the burnout cure.

"ACE" Teamwork

Our commitment and our ongoing goal is to develop effective leaders and teams who sustainably grow and operate the business through “ACE” teamwork (Alignment, Conscious Agreement, Effective Action). This simple, yet powerful practice prioritizes aligning team members to clearly defined outcomes. It equips them to take the most effective actions as they contribute their part to a responsibility or project. This also sets individuals and teams up to make wise use of business resources and to deliver real, quantifiable results.

ACE Model - Alignment, Conscious Agreement, Effective Action | Leading Edge Teams


Just how do you evolve and sustain a business in “the real world” today?

This represents your journey from point A to point V.

A represents your current state, and V represents your Vision State—the future desired state you want to get to, where your vision for your business is being achieved and you are having the impact you intended when you set out on your business journey.

A to V - Theory, Reality, Business Happens - Not a straight line - Leading Edge Teams

How would we describe a business “V State” to you?

1. Your “V State” is a simple concept, yet it empowers a mindset shift. We encourage our clients to create/write a set of high-level goals that can be described in relatively concrete terms, as if you’re transported three or four years into the future and have actually achieved those goals in your business.

2. Once your “V State” describes the future business results you are aiming for—we don’t want you to overlook the next step. As you focus on goals and results, you also must plan for the level of operating excellence needed to achieve them. For every business, this is the level of structure, self-leadership, teamwork, processes and communication that will propel you to actually achieve tangible goals now and in the future.

imagine what your work will look like.....

calm Chaos

To name a few areas that will change:

Please read this before you go further:

Our business model (business part and people part) is well tested and timely with the challenges faced in today’s rapidly changing business world. The old ways of working, where CEOs and executive leaders gave orders from the top (authoritarian style) and everyone else did what they were told, are completely obsolete. Therefore, to hire and retain the best A-Players, you must learn how to work effectively with people/team—and respecting your people as your most important asset is absolutely essential.

What is the foundation of team achievement?

We teach you (and the team) how to DEFINE and ALIGN on the intended outcomes that are created from your Visionary Master Plan to achieve productivity and results with a cross-functional team of people who efficiently execute the identified goals.

During this time, remember, in reality, the journey from A to V is not a straight line, it takes detours with challenges, mistakes, unexpected changes, and failures. The good news is that we are here to help you navigate through such disruptions, to discover new opportunities and sustainable success.

And for optimal performance—hire the right person, with the right skills, for the right function.

Your company’s success hinges on a proven structure and people who perform well in their role. Establishing these things is our passion and expertise, and we’re happy to help you know just how to do it.


In brief, here is a checklist for you.

CEO and Executive Leaders in business need to know how to:

“We are here for you, to help you create a winning team that will up-level your business results today and set you up for continued success tomorrow.”

Annie Hyman Pratt, Executive Consultant, CEO & Founder of Leading Edge Teams, Author & Speaker, The People Part
— Annie Hyman Pratt and Leading Edge Teams
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