“7 Agreements” That Help Avoid Employee Resignations

In today’s business climate, creating a company culture that attracts and retains A+ Players and develops teams is a necessity. In this article I address how to avoid employee resignations.

The Great Resignation

“The Great Resignation” is making companies regroup, rethink, and renegotiate.

Here’s what’s happening: In the US and elsewhere, the way we do business is changing. Large numbers of people are leaving their jobs, and with remote work on the rise, the so-called “normal” business environment of yesterday may never return. Like me, you probably see “Hiring” signs and a lack of employees everywhere you go. It is evident that business owners and managers are now navigating the ripple effects from the pandemic, as employees re-evaluate their lives and careers and leave their jobs in record numbers. 

A survey of 1,000 full-time employees done by PlanBeyond, a Seattle-based market research company published that nearly half of them were considering leaving their jobs in the next six months. The survey results make it obvious what is lacking in the workplace:   

  • No appreciation: 21%
  • Bad supervisor: 18%
  • No freedom of expression: 16%
  • Bad colleagues: 11%
  • Being young: 10%
  • Boring work: 9%
  • No professional growth: 6%
  • Unfair compensation: 6%
  • Inflexible work arrangements: 3%

To attract and keep the best employees: Owners, CEOs and Managers, heighten your awareness of WHY employees resign and go elsewhere. Use information (such as the survey above) to set priorities within your company, to create a trusted and psychologically safe environment. With a new hire, or as you interview, address how you demonstrate and manage these common priorities people want in their jobs.     

Companies also have a record number of open positions, so the timing is right to know this: Top-down authority is a business model of the PAST. Hiring people who are skilled self-leaders, who can work independently and align collectively with a team is what’s happening NOW. There’s no time to waste; learn how to hire and retain the best talent by building a collaborative, cross-functional team that drives your business outcomes. It’s the only way you’ll set yourself up to meet your goals for sustainable, long-term success. 

The People PartTM

THE PEOPLE PART is your greatest asset—that has always been the case, but some CEOs/executive managers are just now realizing it. And at the same time, they haven’t understood exactly how to utilize and value their best people and teams as they should. Employers must recognize that there is more expected of them, because experienced people know they can make choices of where, how, and for whom they will work. They want to feel appreciated, know their work makes a difference, all while achieving work/life balance.      

There are SEVEN AGREEMENTS that every CEO, business executive and company should learn and implement to achieve their goals and thrive. On April 26, 2022, my new book, The People Part: Seven Agreements Entrepreneurs and Leaders Make to Build Teams, Accelerate Growth, and Banish Burnout for Good was released by Hay House. Inside this book, I teach how these agreements can become practiced habits, automatic behaviors, growth in self-leadership, and daily action items. Naturally, most employers would opt to do these things if they already had these tools and knew how to set up processes and teams,. Unfortunately they only know what they know, and without these agreements, all the pieces don’t necessarily fit together to create a whole, unified team, and productive company.

I encourage you to learn more about these SEVEN AGREEMENTS that have step-by-step details. Begin to put these agreements into practice, and your company will benefit, no matter the size. You’ll experience increased productivity and satisfaction, and help to avoid burnout and resignations, as a skilled, satisfied ‘A’ team of people work together to build a successful business. Here’s a quick breakdown of the “Seven Agreements”:

Agreement 1: Learning Self-Leadership
We consistently show up in Self-Leadership rather than self-protection.

Agreement 2: Defining Company Goals
We define and align on intended outcomes.

Agreement 3: Establishing Clear Roles
We clarify our parts and where they fit in the whole.

Agreement 4: Building High-Trust Relationships
We consider our impact on others, have their backs, and repair relationships promptly.

Agreement 5: Making Conscious Agreements
We make collaborative, conscious agreements that we’re confident we can keep.

Agreement 6: Recognizing and Responding to Change
We recognize change, anticipate impacts, and proactively adapt our agreements.

Agreement 7: Creating Your Company Culture
We make best practices habitual to achieve our highest performance potential.

The People Part - Seven Agreements Entrepreneurs and Leaders Make to Build Teams, Accelerate Growth and Banish Burnout for Good - Self-Leadership, Defined Outcomes, Role Clarity, Secure Relationships, Conscious Agreements, Recognize Change and Renegotiate, Culture that Drives Excellence - Annie Hyman Pratt, Leading Edge Teams

As I wrote and completed The People Part, I realized more than ever all that I’ve discovered in my decades-long career, and even more during the last couple years of the pandemic. Through my book or working with us at Leading Edge Teams, your business challenges can transform into business success. 

We are here to help you—I also encourage you to read other blogs here on our site and download our Secret Recipe and watch your inbox for   useful tools and strategies to help you create a successful business that you love. 


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