How Mindfulness Strengthens You As A Business Leader

Why is Mindfulness Essential to You as an Entrepreneur? 

How Does Mindfulness Strengthen You as a Business Leader?

Welcome! As a business coach, I have the privilege of working with people who seek to fulfill their passion, provide teaching or training, or meet a need in service to others through their entrepreneurial companies. Entrepreneurs are innovative visionaries and risk takers. Establishing a business is never an easy journey, but as we all know, these types of businesses stand out all over our world. Their success makes our world a better place. 

Since you are reading this, you likely know that the journey as a CEO/Founder, executive leader, or entrepreneurial team member comes with challenges, and has ongoing learning, with its share of changes, setbacks and frustrations. Fortunately there is a flip side. However, there is also stress and potential for burnout along the way. Mindfulness, when practiced in your day, decreases anxiety and stress, giving you stronger focus and energy. It strengthens you in ways unique to you, because it’s a personal practice. What comes to mind for you?       

It is my passion to help my clients achieve leadership stability and company sustainability through strategic planning that achieves successful business outcomes. Along with teaching our proven processes and tools—of the business part, we teach the all-important people part as roles are identified and teams align and perform their functions. Both aspects are necessary components of developing a prosperous business.

How Mindfulness Strengthens You As A Business Leader - Leading Edge Teams
Taking time to “quiet the noise” leads to personal growth and professional success.


On paper, as a business leader, you set goals and get business results, so what can trip you up?

The answer… If you don’t recognize that you are limiting ability and potential if you don’t put importance on pausing to center in order to nurture and refresh yourself each day.   

Within the fast pace of your business day, oftentimes what is not a goal nor made a priority—is time for you to pause and shift for a healthy pace for your optimal performance. I get it. I also know it is vital.           

Why is mindfulness essential for you as an entrepreneur and leader? My answer…  

Mindfulness is for you. It is time connected with your inner self. It quiets the noise. As you shift into mindfulness, it empowers, enhances and defines. No matter your role, MINDFULNESS is an important practice that helps you shift your mindset, positively influencing your thoughts and focus, self-talk, actions and reactions. It helps you be your best today, live in the moment, and stay grounded as you seek to thrive professionally and personally. 

As I work with clients, I like to feel that as I help them smooth the waters, I guide the direction through offering them the best of myself and my own learning. MINDFULNESS is one of those important areas of continuous learning. A MINDFULNESS practice includes expressions of compassion, not only to others, but it is offered to ourselves. 

As a mindful business leader, you are intentionally present in the moment and with the other people in the room. This is a priority. Acceptance of thoughts and feelings, yours and those of others, decreases stress and develops and models self-leadership. MINDFULNESS helps you to be authentic, flexible and intuitive. MINDFULNESS empowers self-acceptance and self-improvement, and enhances critical thinking and sound decision making. The principles of mindfulness align with Leading Edge Teams CCORE Empowerment Process and expressions of strong and compassionate self-leadership.   

How Does Mindfulness Strengthen You as a Business Leader?        
Mindfulness begins with you and is all about you. It is time for yourself, with yourself.

As you gain your inner awareness to the benefits of MINDFUL LEADERSHIP, a nonjudgmental, present-moment, mind-heart consciousness expands. It is a quiet, private experience. Appreciation of your inner self reveals your authentic self and ability to be centered in self-confidence.  

Mindfulness quiets the noise allowing time and space to listen to your inner guidance.

Mindfulness is restful. Mindfulness is living in the present-moment. It is an acceptance of your feelings, thoughts and sensations. Mindfulness brings forward the potential to become the person you want to be, developing the best version of yourself. Tying this into your work life, it influences self-leadership, your choices in your role, giving you an empowered positive impact on others.

Mindful Leadership offers you many benefits, including:

Managing stress. It neutralizes judgment; increases compassion (toward yourself and others). Helps you pause and neutrally observe. Regulates emotions to avoid reactive behaviors. Increases confidence. Clarifies thinking and actions. You become centered in your secure self through mindfulness practice. There really are no limitations; much is available to you when you choose to embrace and make the most of mindfulness practice. 

The shift to mindfulness encourages and welcomes expanded awareness of your inner experience.

By expanding your secure self, I encourage you to intentionally release expectations of perfection and judgment of yourself and others. Mindfulness makes space to expand your perspective of the possibilities today holds. 

And as you abandon previous habits of behavior not beneficial to you, welcome learning how to stay present in your best self in an imperfect world full of imperfect people. Realize and appreciate what is available to you right here, right now. Live in today’s present moment, not in regrets of yesterday and not in concerns of tomorrow. 

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“Enhance the freedom of being authentically you, right here, right now.” 

Barbara Schindler
Defining individual skills and team goals to challenge the norms and stretch imaginations.  

Besides decades of diverse business experience, Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Behavior and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College, as well as a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She delights in seeing her clients fully experience their unique business leadership talents as they step up to the next level professionally and personally. 

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