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Learn To Pace Yourself: Perform At Your Best With Pacing - Woman meditating among a pile of papers -Leading Edge Teams

Learn To Pace Yourself: Perform At Your Best With Pacing

August 15, 2023

Learn to PACE YOURSELF to empower success. Show up as your BEST SELF each day. These are two nice catch phrases, right? You want to do both, but how do I suggest that you learn to pace yourself with a work schedule that is demanding and with responsibilities that are a hinge to your company’s …...

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Supportive Listening - Leading Edge Teams

Supportive Listening: A Key Leadership Skill to Uplevel Your Business Today

February 7, 2023

Are your plans and goals for 2023 being disrupted with unexpected results?   In today’s economic environment you need your team’s best Supportive Listening for finding the opportunities within the current challenges to keep your business stable and forward moving. What Your Business Most Needs From You Be a Supportive Listener! Uplevel your team communication …...

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Armor Cartoon - Leading Edge Teams

Become Aware of Your Own Self-Protection

October 22, 2022

Have you ever witnessed someone who was totally unaware of the impact of their behavior or that they are in self-protection? I’m sure you have—we all have. It isn’t pretty and can look gnarly, but it is helpful to know that we all have stealth, hidden blind spots that happen when we are reacting from …...

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Cross Functional Triangle - True Collaboration: The best results are team driven - Leading Edge Teams

True Collaboration: The Best Results Are Team Driven

September 7, 2022

As a business begins to grow beyond stage 1 where it was mostly driven by the founder / CEO and maybe one other right hand person who helped get all the things done that the CEO wanted, you’ll likely begin to hire more team. What actually happens when you hire and begin to onboard can …...

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Team with puzzle pieces cartoon -Moving through change as a team - Leading Edge Teams

Moving through Change As a Team

July 20, 2022

As businesses move forward during this unknown time, it is important that you and your team are able to connect and think collaboratively together—there are many external drivers not only impacting your business, but the very fabric of the world. These impacts may be affecting you and your team personally. That’s why now more than …...

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Self Care is Not Optional - Man with head on desk in overwhelm cartoon - Leading Edge Teams

The Generosity of Leadership

June 16, 2022

As humans living in extraordinary times that are difficult for so many people, it is normal for us to be triggered and upset and to react in self-protection. As the world contracts, it is normal to want to do the same. But, what if we consciously lean in to make the deliberate choice to be …...

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Mindfulness and Moving Through Change - Welcome to Vermont, the Green Mountain State sign - Leading Edge Teams

Mindfulness and Moving Through Change

April 19, 2022

Recently, I made a conscious choice to move from sunny California to snowy Vermont. As timing would have it, I drove across the country to my new home in January. When I received the keys and opened the door, it was confirmation that this was exactly where I was supposed to be. I had made …...

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How to Hire the Right People to Free Up Your Time as CEO - Thumbs up or thumbs down - frazzled CEO - Leading Edge Teams

How to Hire the Right People to Free Up Your Time as CEO

March 1, 2022

Entrepreneurs of growing companies often spread themselves too thin. Like many, you may be in the stage of your business where you’re still running it “solo” from daybreak to sundown, and well beyond. You may recognize the need to hire one person or more, but you don’t know where to start. In this article we …...

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Dynamic Tension Triangle: Impact & Revenue, Leadership & Team Infrastructure, CEO Vision & Lifestyle and Role - Entrepreneurs Make the World Go ‘Round - Leading Edge Teams

Entrepreneurs Make the World Go ‘Round

January 18, 2022

It’s true, the world needs entrepreneurs like you… so are you wondering how to be super successful in your business?     It may come as a surprise, but you need additional skill sets and a team of people to achieve company growth, goals, and long term success! Most likely, you already know that you …...

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Speaking My Music: The “Meeting Agenda Revelation”

November 23, 2021

Business coaching is my passion, and the people I coach are important to me. Consequently, on any given day when a client and their team reap concrete rewards in their workday, because of something I taught them yesterday, like the importance of a meeting agenda—it absolutely makes my day.   They are truly speaking my music …...

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The tension and the squeeze cartoon: Business people in yoga poses - Leading Edge Teams

The Tension and the Squeeze

May 20, 2020

What do I mean by the tension and the squeeze? Apparently a quick fix to the fallout from the COVID-19 health crisis was only in our dreams. The impact it has had on our lives and the economy is bigger than we first imagined. We need lots of things right now, at work and at …...

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