How to Be a Better Leader in a Changing World

As we continue to navigate our world and what it means to be a whole human during these times, what is becoming more apparent to larger groups of people is that many of our old systems and ways of doing business (and much of life) are no longer applicable to who we want to be now. We have an enormous opportunity right in front of us to dismantle any old habits and beliefs that no longer serve us. It is a time to ask, ‘How can I be a better leader in a changing world?”

Leave old habits and climb the stairs to new habits. How to Be a Better Leader in a Changing World - Leading Edge Teams


We get to meet the moment. In front of us is a future we are co-creating. We can choose to join the momentum of positive change, creating a new vision for our communities that supports each of us as individuals, while contributing to all of humanity (win-win).

What this means in business and in the work we do here at Leading Edge Teams is that we get to support the leaders within our clients’ companies to be whole humans—no diminishing who they are, instead showing up empowered to collaborate effectively with others. 

Emotional Endurance

True Leadership does not emotionally react to challenges and push forward in unproductive and harmful ways (also known as self-protective behaviors). True Leadership requires emotional endurance in the face of the ever changing business landscape. It involves well thought out choices, made after considering the current moment and future business goals. Strive to bring your best self to work, so that your good critical thinking is engaged and available to fully contribute with your team. When we each do the work at the individual level to be Self-Leaders, we can come together and achieve amazing things.

We Are Human

Now, this doesn’t mean lack of mistakes or perfection, or always getting it right by any means; you are still human after all. It just means that when your emotions start to get fired up, you take responsibility to reign them in enough that they are not running the show (though when we observe our emotions they can lead to valuable insight). So be a whole human being, and recognize the humanity in your team—only then will you be able to harness the power of The People Part for your business!

Psychological Safety

It is time to set aside the dated and limited approach of top-down authority and control. Complex problem-solving done well is a team effort. If there were simple solutions, our biggest problems would have been resolved already. Give your team the opportunity to be in a psychologically safe environment, with plenty of space to learn, grow and contribute—and you will find creative solutions where you thought there were none. 

You may wonder, “What’s my part?” The good news is that as an individual, no matter what is happening around you, you can make a choice about how you would like to show up! You always have a choice! Consider the leadership reputation and impact you would like to have, and start building towards it one choice at a time. 


Here are some ways to anchor in Self-Leadership to be best equipped to handle and navigate change—big and small—and keep showing up as your best self…

  • Do your self-care! You can’t face challenges well when you are on empty.
  • Create the conditions for a collaborative environment by asking more questions and listening to the answers. 
  • Slow things down when under pressure. It will seem counterproductive but it is the only way to access your best critical thinking.
  • Stay open and flexible…there is no perfect plan.


And remember, success in business today requires a collaboration of great minds, talents and perspectives. So continue to strengthen your leadership, because you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. And always uplevel your People Part skills, because sustainable success takes a team!

Start today. What is the impact you are going for? And what steps could you take today that would assist you in moving in that positive direction?

I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Leave your comments below.

Success takes a team,
Coach Heather

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